Modular Chillers

ModulAIR is a water chiller that brings robust serviceability and ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency into a single compact package. Standard features such as cleanable shell & tube condensers and replaceable filter driers means that customers no longer need to sacrifice reliability when choosing a modular design. Each module can be used as a stand-alone chiller or combined with the optional header system for large installations. The unique control algorithms are duplicated in each chiller module eliminating the need for any  master controller which improves redundancy for critical applications.

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Standard Features (included on all chillers!):

  • Water-cooled modules available from 8 to 80 tons
  • Air-cooled modules available from 5 to 40 tons
  • Modular design expandable up to 10 modules
  • Autonomous controls in each module
  • Compressor staging based on energy efficiency
  • Single and dual independent refrigerant circuits
  • Shell & tube condensers (water-cooled)
  • Aluminum fin, copper tube condensers (air-cooled)
  • Stainless Steel Brazed plate evaporator
  • Independent refrigeration circuits
  • Stainless steel frame structure
  • Compressor oil monitoring
  • Infinite unloaders for capacity control from 0 to 100%
  • High and low pressure avoidance sequence
  • Easy to use operator interface

Optional Features:

  • Second condenser for heat recovery up to 175 F
  • Sheet metal enclosure for outdoor installation
  • CuNi, Stainless steel or Titanium condenser tubes
  • Condenser coatings such as heresite and E-coat
  • Explosion proof construction
  • Variable speed compressors
  • 2-way or 3-way condenser valves for cold condenser water (water-cooled)
  • 2-way evaporator water valves
  • Variable primary flow
  • Manual isolation valves for service
  • Hydronic balancing valves
  • Low ambient control down to -20 F (air-cooled)
  • Pressure / temperature ports for service
  • Pressure transducers for flow monitoring
  • 208-230V / 460V / 575V
  • Stainless steel header system
  • Remote touch-screen control panel

Modular Chillers